Steel sturcture, if it use steel plates as residential house building, it can be produced inside factories with high industrial level, since a decade ago, especially some of the large scaled steel structure fabrication enterprises and steel mills, has leagued some science researchers togethermotivated on high-rised residential building researches. Steel floor plate using on high- riseresidential building field will be in big quantity and to be a wide spreading mater, it can be an area that make tremendous and huge economic benefits. At present, along with our country’s speedydevelopment in steel business, to promote and develop construction steel floor in residential area is already possessed a good condition, with rapid development and fast rising of people’s living standard, light steel residential housing is just called out right on time, factory steel workshops is also one of the main stream for industrial factory building, economic and fast investmen return . In our country, even some remote areas is already adopts of door type of steel frames, for elevating economic benefits, nowadays, overseas also popular by using steel corrugated web plate as as construction materials, which is good at shearing resistance and loading capacity.

Since beginning of reform and opening policy, our economic construction has made rapiddevelopment, construction steel floor business also reaches it summit. Its application area has a great expanding. Also the construction steel business has a great leap, but no matter what, in the using amount of steel and application scopes, as well as the structure system are still exists a lots of problems. To evaluate a residence,noise isolation is an important index, window installation adopts of light steel structure system, averagely its windows are adopts of hollow glass that is good at noise isolation, it can reaches higher than 40 decibel,walls with light steel keel and temperature preserve plaster boards can reach up to 60 decibelIn healthy aspects: dryconstruction operation, reduce the pollution of wastes, the steel frame can be 100% recycled, the other supporting materials also can be recycled in large portion, this is to fit of the present environmental consciousness, all the construction materials are green and satisfied with the eco-environment requirements, good and healthy.

Along with the fast developing step of the western, the steel construction plate market inwestern area has a bright future, leveraging the support of the developing policy, Chengdu city is also accelerated its pace,advance with the time ,economic and culture construction are also growing vigorously,to construction with steel plates and steel frame markets are very popular today, to respond to the call of developing west from the government, and reduce the products transporting costs, recently, along with the large investment from our government on key projects and urban infrastructure constructon, the massive cake of Western construction market is gradually lifting up its veil. amongst of it, the construction factors like large span, high-rise building, residential construction plates, door steel frames, light steel housing and etc. Are created many accomplishments. Through years of expanding in the business, integrating and putting new energy,the steel construction plate business pattern of western are already formed a embryo.Competation is fierce.

Looking from the development history of global steel construction plate business, using steel construction plates and accessories on high rise building and supp high rise building will be in trend, considering its merits and the comprehensive benefits, we predict that the future, using various steel plates will be the leading factor in the buildings below 50 stores. And from the status of developing of light construction steel business, our government initiate of use steel construction plate to build of residential houses, as well the industrialization demand increasing will be one of the major factor that create the biggest coming years, the following construction steel areas in our country will be increase: factory warehouses,furnace steel frames using steels, including of nuclear power plant workshop using steels, wind power generation steel using and of bridges in transportation projects, municipal constructions, (Egg. metro and light railway constructions projects),overpass, high level bridges,evironment preserve projects,city public infrastructures and temporary housed and light steel floor residency homes, etc.