CENTRIA revolutionizes the ACM panel with FormaBond. FormaBond aluminum composite wall panels are manufactured using a proprietary reaction injection molding process, resulting in a stronger, flatter panel. Plus, the FormaBond metal composite wall panels feature outstanding aesthetics and are available in a wide variety of standard colors along with the industry's largest selection of custom colors. FormaBond metal composite wall panels also offer long lengths and wide widths up to 60” and custom lengths up to 180”.

From a performance standpoint, FormaBond aluminum composite wall panel system's pressure-equalized joinery means wet seals are eliminated, providing optimum venting that creates a breathable system that keeps moisture out and allows wall cavities to dry effectively. This reduces the chance of mold, material degradation and mildew. It also eliminates staining, face washing of the sealant and dirt traps. The panels also provide excellent bond strength.