General information of the product

Cold rolled steel sheet is the abbreviation of ordinary carbon constructional steel cold rolled sheet, it is also called cold-rolled sheet and it is commonly known as cold sheet. Cold sheet is the steel plate having a thickness of less than 4mm made from ordinary carbon constructional steel hot-rolled strip through further cold rolling. There is no iron oxide skin occurred because rolling is carried out at room temperature. Therefore, the cold sheet has good surface quality and high dimensional accuracy.Coupled with annealing treatment, its mechanical property and process performance are superior to hot-rolled thin steel sheet. In many areas, especially in the field of manufacture of home appliances,it is being used to gradually replace the hot-rolled steel sheet.

Quality standards

National standard GB716-91 manufacturer’s standard

Manufacturing process

Hot rolling plate - acid pickling - cold rolling - annealing - flattening - straightening - finished products

Application area

Cold-rolled sheet is widely used in fields including automobile manufacturing, electrical product, rolling stock, aerospace, precision instrument and canned food, etc.

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