General introduction of the product

Aluminum plate,also called the aluminum coated steel sheet.

 Aluminum plate,also called the aluminum coated steel sheet.

Aluminum plate is a kind of coated steel sheet, wherein the aluminum content is 90% and  silicon content is 10%.

Aluminum plate has good heat resistance, heat reflection and corrosion resistance, its mechanical properties and physical properties are better than cold-rolled steel.

Because of the superior performance of aluminum plate, it has been widely used in our daily supplies. Such as car muffler and household appliances.

Quality standard

Our company is now under application of industry standards


Process flow

Hot rolled coil - acid pickling - cold rolling - annealing - hot aluminum plating - smoothing - straightening - finished product

Application area

It is applied in car muffler, exhaust pipes, engine shrouds and household appliances

Stock quatation

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